Get to know us

We are a company that deals with real estate, mortgaging and financial services. We work in diversified areas that are all related to real estate industry. We have been in this industry for a few decades and are proud to say that we are one among the top companies in this industry and find more at Mansion Mortgage.

Following are the teams and areas we work on

Real Estate Analysis: We have a group of researchers whose primary work is to analyse the trends in the industry and where and how things affect the market. This research is useful for us to guide home buyers, if they have to buy sooner or it is better to wait for the prices to go down. We also alert customers in case we foresee any economic slowdown.

House specific research: If you are interested in mortgaging a house, we do a thorough research on the legality of the documents and the sale. We also research on your behalf the locality and how things would span out in the area. We advise you if it is worth investing in this house or not.

Mortgage Agents: These are the folks whom you as a customer would be dealing with. With the inputs from the research done on the background we provide you unbiased guidance. Our agents are paid only a monthly salary and are not forced to sell you anything. Thus you can be safe that the deal is fair to you.

Financial team: We also do some lending services, though we have a list of lenders whom we list down to you, we also do some financial services, this is done more for some elite customers. Our agents are strictly advised not to push for our own lenders and instead list us as one of the lenders.

Thus if you are looking to buy a home on mortgage and if you need any expert, independent and fair guidance then contact us and you won’t be disappointed.